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Opening a wallet

Opening a Web3 Wallet is completely free of charge and can be easily done if you have a PC or Mobile Phone.

Here is our top recommendation for a Web3 Wallet:


Follow the guide below on how you can open your first Web3 Wallet:

General security tips:

  • DO NOT share your seed phrase or private keys with anyone. They should only be made known to yourself as these are literally the key to your holdings.
  • Anyone claiming to be a staff or admin from Bluejay Finance asking you for your seed phrase/private keys are impersonator attempting to scam you. We will NEVER DM you first.

What if I lose access to my wallet?

Unfortunately, we cannot help you regain access to your wallet as we do not have access to your seed phrase or private keys. Losing your seed phrase and private keys means that you can never access your funds again.

Please keep your seed phrase and private keys in a safe and secure manner. Do not share them with anybody else, and do not entertain any messages from anyone that claims to be able to restore access to your funds for you.